GeoKeys(TM) for location finding, sharing and navigation!

We encoded the world!

The GeoKey(TM) Technology

What are GeoKeys(TM)?

There's an easier way of writing, transmitting and sharing any location in the world now, and it’s the GeoKey(TM). A GeoKey(TM) is a 16 letter, four-word key that represents every square meter of the earth’s surface. GeoKeys are the new way of notating location, replacing latitude and longitudes. GeoKeys can be directly entered in a GPS device* or app instead of typing a long, confusing address or coordinate figures. GeoKeys are used by consumers, government employees and many people across the multiple industry verticals. 

*when GeoKey-enabled

Easy Navigation

Ever tried to enter an address in a GPS app and get muddled with N or North, Blvd or Boulevard? Ever been quoted an address on the phone in a noisy environment? Foreign names and locations you can't spell or repeat? 

The GeoKey cuts through all that with the best notation ever for location naming

What's your GeoKey?

Look up a location in the map on this website, enter a mailing address or enter a latitude and longitude to generate a GeoKey for that location. Simply share this GeoKey with another person, and use the GeoKey mobile page app to get directions to that GeoKey!  Click here to find your GeoKey! GPS navigation| Location Finding |Locate someone/something

Generate, store and use GeoKeys now!

To generate GeoKeys, first please register and then click here to go to our GeoKey service site to register, generate and store GeoKeys.

GeoKeys Support Many Verticals

GeoKeys support many industries

We help all verticals with our GeoKey technology and services.  GeoKeys replace not only complex and foreign mailing addresses, but also the off-map locations that some many industries use. For our vertical markets, PlanetXY provides private GeoKeys that totally anonymize a location for closed user groups.


Farming equipment, asset and inventory, field, vineyard, orchard boundaries, resources, and much more are all tagged with GeoKeys that allow farmers to rapidly and accurately measure their location, share it and easily enter in their navigation devices.


Oil, natural gas and water wells can be mapped with private GeoKeys in remote parts of the world to assure accurate geo-tagging as well as easy retrieval and navigation back to the find with out using complex and ambiguous coordinate systems. 

Transport, Delivery and Logistics

Whether it is a large outside plant, delivery by drone or truck, GeoKeys can help workers retrieve inventory in large outside plants, navigate to a destination by air or road, all using private and public Geokeys, and never a mailing address. 

Energy & Utilities

All utilities whether power or telco manage high volumes of in-field assets, inventory and major infrastructure that require rapid and accurate finding and navigation to. Again GeoKeys allow for accurate and rapid location in finding of these items for this vertical. 


Please contact PlanetXY direct for Government applications and special usage requirements.

The GeoKey API

You can connect to the GeoKey engine in the PlanetXY network to use GeoKeys with your application.  Simple write to us using the contact form on this site, and we will send you information you need!

Working with PlanetXY

The GeoKey delivers

PlanetXY founders are software security, cryptography, GPS and wireless communication SMEs who are multi-lingual and with military, government and logistics experience. Our backgrounds have led us to the GeoKey technology- the culmination of not just our expertise in our fields, but also who we are.

PlanetXY's GeoKey technology transcends language barriers, confusing mailing addresses and complex coordinate systems using just letters in a fixed format. 

Accuracy- GeoKeys map the earth with precision down to one meter. 

Versatile application possibilities with GeoKeys- public, private and EZKeys

Flexible business models ranging from GeoKey as a service (GaaS), on-premise solutions, SDKs, mobile apps, white labeling and firmware.

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